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Patrick Murphy and Sons manufacture and supply a range of smokeless and low smoke domestic solid fuels, home heating fuelsopen fire fuels and stove fuels for all your domestic needs. We also stock a large range of bottled LPG gas, in addition to conventional fuels such as WillowWarm Briquettes, timber blocks and kindling.

Super Blend 20kg

Super Blend has been our most popular product with our customers for many years because of its great heat and versatility, as it burns well in both open fires and stoves.
• Low-smoke fuel
• High Heat Output
• Low ash
• Long burning Life
• Suitable for both open fires and stoves

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Stove Glo 20kg

Stove Glo is specifically designed to burn at its best in multi-fuel stoves. It is quickly becoming one of our most popular products due to the growing popularity of stoves in recent years.
• Low-smoke fuel
• High heat output
• Long burning Life
• Attractive flame
• Ideal for stoves and closed appliances

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Smokeless Singles 20kg

Used as a banking fuel, Smokeless Singles add extra heat and burning life to fires when used with Super Blend or Stove Glo.

LPG Bottled Gas

With our partners Tervas Gas, we also stock a large range of bottled LPG gas consisting of both butane and propane gas.

Briquettes & Wood Products

We also stock WillowWarm Briquettes, timber blocks and kindling. When lighting a fire with our Low-Smoke products we recommend using kindling as a starter. Bags of kindling are just 1 euro with every 2 bags of low-smoke fuel purchased

WillowWarm Briquettes

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1 tonne pallets (50 x 20kg bags)

Superblend, and Stove Glo available for delivery NATIONWIDE!
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